Personal Pieces

I am the author of Pursuit of Healthfulness, a wellness blog where I posts recipes, workout ideas and tips for living actively. The following are a few posts from my blog.

Getting Married Young: Rebelling Against Society?

An opinion piece about why getting married in your early 20s is not a bad thing. (Click for the complete story.) Later republished in the Go! section of the Lawrence Journal World and in Living the College Life.


 The Great Grocery Reformation

How to cut costs at the grocery store while still eating nutritiously. (Click for the complete story.)


How to Follow the USDA Food Guidelines

The USDA recommendations for a well-balanced meal changed in 2011. I created a healthy vegetarian meal that shows how easy it is to eat well. (Click for the complete story.)


The Difference Between Orthorexia and Anorexia

Easily understandable information and anecdotes that explain the difference between two types of eating disorders. (Click for the complete story.)


I also contribute to xoJane, a popular international website for women.

It Happened to Me: I’m Orthorexic

A personal piece about my former struggle with orthorexia.  (Click to see more.)


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