Digital Media Portfolio

High School Illustrated

I manage the digital presence of High School Illustrated. I write, edit and integrate multimedia elements.  (Click to view.)


Facebook: TITLE Boxing Club Lawrence

As the social media coordinator for TITLE Boxing Club in Lawrence, Kan., I create the marketing and promotional images used on the Facebook page. I also created the buttons for the Pinterest and Twitter apps featured on the Facebook page. (Click to view.)


Pinterest: TITLE Boxing Club Lawrence

I created the Pinterest page for TITLE Boxing Club in Lawrence, Kan. The pins and boards stay true to the brand while adding fun, interesting elements. For example, boards include a virtual tour of the club, healthy dessert ideas, motivational quotes and old boxing photos. These create interesting, beneficial viewer experiences. (Click to view.)


HuffPost Live: 43 Years of Marriage

I participated in a moderated video discussion about whether “Generation Me” has what it takes to stay married. My husband and I were married in college, so I was happy to share my perspective. I was joined by a woman who has been married for 43 years, a marriage researcher and a young divorcée. (Click to view.)


Video: My Weird Obsession

A short parody video created for a film class. “My Weird Obsession” takes the tone of an intervention show. But, in this case, the subject’s weird obsession is peanut butter. (Click to view.)

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